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2 Basics of Chinese composition N/A
2.1 Characters and Principles for Arranging Characters in Chinese Composition N/A
2.1.1 Characters used for Chinese Composition N/A
2.1.2 Chinese Characters N/A
2.1.3 Principles for Arranging Characters during Chinese Composition letter-spacing, text-align, text-justify CSS Text Module Level 3 More details
2.2 Typefaces for Chinese Characters N/A
2.2.1 Four frequently-used Typefaces for Chinese Characters font-family CSS Fonts Module Level 4
2.2.2 Song
2.2.3 Kai
2.2.4 Hei
2.2.5 Fangsong
2.3 The Type Area (or Printing Area)
2.3.1 Basic Elements of Page Formatting
2.3.2 Design of the Type Area
2.3.3 Type Area and Actual Page Format
2.3.4 Procedure for Defining the Type Area
2.3.5 Considerations when Designing the Type Area
2.4 Writing modes
2.4.1 Writing Modes in Chinese
2.4.2 Major Differences between Horizontal and Vertical Writing Modes
3 Line composition
3.1 Line Composition Rules for Punctuation Marks
3.1.1 Categories and Usage of Punctuation Marks
3.1.2 Sizes and positions of Punctuation Marks
3.1.3 Atypical punctuation marks and their composition
3.1.4 Prohibition Rules for Line Start and Line End
3.1.5 Prohibition Rules for Unbreakable Marks
3.1.6 Compression Rules for Punctuation Marks
3.1.7 Hanging Punctuation at Line End
3.2 Composition of Chinese and Western Mixed Texts
3.2.1 Composition of Chinese and Western Mixed Text
3.2.2 Mixed Text Composition in Horizontal Writing Mode
3.2.3 Mixed Text Composition in Vertical Writing Mode
3.2.4 Handling Western Text in Chinese Text Using Proportional Western Fonts
3.2.5 Handling of Grid Alignment in Chinese and Western Mixed Text Composition
3.3 Interlinear annotations
3.3.1 Usage of Interlinear Annotations
3.3.2 Overview of Interlinear Annotation Positioning
3.3.3 Positioning of Zhuyin Interlinear Annotations
3.3.4 Positioning of Romanized Interlinear Annotations
3.3.5 Atypical Cases for Han character Phonetic Annotations
3.3.6 Positioning of Bilingual Annotations
3.3.7 Positioning of Interlinear Comments
3.4 Paragraph Adjustment Rules
3.4.1 Line Head Indent at the Beginning of Paragraphs
3.4.2 Paragraph Indent
3.4.3 Line Alignment Processing
3.4.4 Handling of Widows and Orphans
4 Positioning of Headings, Notes, Illustrations, Tables and Expressions
4.1 Headings & Page Breaks
4.1.1 Types of Headings
4.1.2 Font Selection and Heading Font Size
4.1.3 How to Handle Headings with New Recto and Page Break
4.1.4 Handling of Spaces just before the New Recto, Page Breaks and New Edges
4.1.5 Processing of Run-in Headings
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